On Thursday, 27-05-2021 , Port Sudan witnessed the opening of the ِAnimal Resources Bank building . A high-level delegation attended, led by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank, Mr. Al-Sadiq Muhammad Ali, the General Manager, managers and deputies of the departments, and they were received at Port Sudan airport by Mr. Jalal El-Din Abdel-Wahhab, Director of the Bank of Sudan And Mohamed Zaki, director of the Port Sudan branch , and a number of employees and workers …The delegation moved from the airport to the Central Bank of Sudan, where a familiarization session was held in the office of the Director, who welcomed them in their home, and words of cordiality and welcome were exchanged, and the outcome was a large financing portfolio and other gains for the Red Sea State. The director of the Central Bank of Sudan and his staff was praised by Mr. Mohamed Zaki. The branch manager and his deputy, Abdel Aziz Amer Kneish, and all the Animal Resources Bank staff, who are considered among the most distinguished state employees in their classy dealings with clients and their discipline in implementing the Bank of Sudan’s financial policies, and everyone witnessed them providing liquidity during the previous crisis and they were a great partner in solving it… In conclusion, the General Manager of Animal Resources Bank thanked, the director of the Bank of Sudan, and the staff are very kind and generous workers
The celebration ceremony began with cutting the ribbon of the new building of the Animal Resources Bank, Port Sudan branch, with the honor of the Governor of the Red Sea State, the police director in the state, the army commander in the state, the chairman of the board of directors, the general manager and branch managers in the state, and then touring the bank and then heading to the place of celebration to begin with verses from the Holy Quran to follow from Then the words of the branch manager, the general manager, the representative of the two craftsmen in the state and the chairman of the board of directors. These words were interrupted by a part of singing, to come the honors paragraph, and then the word of the governor, and the celebration of that honorable attendance concluded.

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