Professor Elisha Siddiq Al-Taj, Minister of Youth and Sports in Khartoum State, honored the conclusion of the first sports tournament of the five-year-olds of football at the Cup of the Director General of the Animal Resource Bank yesterday afternoon at the Green Square Five-a-side stadium in Khartoum under the slogan (communication. Brotherhood. Love) in the presence of Prof Kamal Shaddad, President of the Sudanese Football Association Representative of the Federal Minister of Youth and Sports, Awad Babiker, Former Director General of the Animal Resources Bank, and Professor Tayeb Kablo, the administrative and media coordinator for the session, and a group of administrative work leaders headed by the various branches of the bank with the participation of The international star team led by Captain Adel Al-Aouni from Al-Hilal and Faisal Al-Ajab from Al-Merrekh. The final match took place between the teams of Al-Sijana and the Omdurman branches, which ended in favor of the Omdurman branches with a penalty shootout, and between the beaches of the match, an exhibition match was held between international stars and the stars of the presidency of the bank, which ended in favor of international stars. Minister Elisha emphasized the importance of the role he plays The Bank in the advancement of the Sudanese economy also confirmed that this session enhances the values ​​and meanings of communication, brotherhood and love among the bank’s employees. For his part, Prof Shaddad stressed that the bank carries out its mission to the fullest, while the bank’s director expressed his thanks for the minister’s honor for the closing ceremony and at the end of the program the minister was honored. Elisha crowned the tournament champion, the Omdurman branches team, with the championship cup and gold medals

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