Creation and establishment

The establishment of the bank came in fulfillment of the objectives and recommendations of the Comprehensive National Strategy Conference, which aims to increase the number of livestock to three times, increase exports to twenty times, and develop the traditional sector that owns 85% of the livestock in Sudan.
In April 1992, the Council of Ministers approved the establishment of the bank, and on September 15 of the same year the founders' conference was held, and in April 1993 the Bank of Sudan issued a license to the Animal Resources Bank to engage in banking business, as it was officially inaugurated on 18/05/1993.

Registration number  17032 /18
Date of Establishment 18/05/1993
paid Capital  500 million Sudanese pounds
Activity Financing all economic sectors from agricultural, industrial, service and commercial, with a focus on livestock exports
Headquarters Alamarat East - Street (3) Khartoum - Sudan
Swift code ANRESDKHA
General Manager
ALMuntasir Abdul Hamid Abdullah Al-Aqib
Deputy General Manager
mohamed zain
contact numbers 024983472025               024983472024
Legal references Auditor General - Republic of Sudan
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