A smart card that can be used to save any amount of cash and is used in all electronic payment transactions such as buying, cash and other transactions.
Advantages of the wealth Wallet
1 / Not linked to a bank account.
2 / It can be used to perform most banking transactions, remittances, pay bills and monthly installments, pay fees and buy services.
3 / The wealth card can be used for cash withdrawals via ATMs.
Types of wealth Wallet:
1 * Primary Card *
It is available to anyone and can be purchased from any agent who provides the service. The limit for the card is 5,000 pounds
(Withdrawal - Deposit - Transfer).
2 * Silver Card *
With the guarantee of the institution for the employees in the name of the customer, the ceiling of the card is 50,000 pounds (withdrawal - deposit - transfer).
3 * Gold Card *
1 / It is extracted for bank account holders and is known by the name of the customer.
2 / The card ceiling is 250,000 pounds
3 / Withdrawal _ Deposit _ Transfer.
Steps to use the card *
The card of all kinds is activated by creating a new message on the mobile using the English numbers from left to right.
Gold Card and Silver Card *
content of the message :
(* 800 * cardno) and send it to 2999 for Zain MTN - or 29999 for Sudani subscribers.
Primary Card *
content of the message :
Writing the name in English, the card number * 2000 * or sending it to 2999 for Zain subscribers _ or 29999 for a Sudani.
Change Password *
To activate all types of Gold _ Silver _ Basic cards, the primary password must be changed first (000), then change to numbers according to your choice.
Card Feeding Methods *
1 / Bank branches.
2 / Agents.
3 / POS.
4 / Transfer from a bank account or another card.
Available channels for using the wealth wallet *
1/ POS.
2 / Mobile applications such as messages.
3 / SMS.
4 / ATMs.

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