Currency rates against the Sudanese pound on Thursday 16-09-2021: US dollar: buy 444.5000 sell 447.8338 – Euro: buy 522.6431 sell 526.5630 – Saudi riyal: buy 118.5523 sell 119.4415 – UAE dirham: buy 121.0248 sell 121.9325- Japanese yen: buy 4.0321 Sell ​​4.0624 - Bahraini dinar: buy 1177.7954 sell 1186.6290 - Omani riyal: buy 1155.4458 sell 1164.1118 - Qatari riyal: buy 121.5145 sell 122.4259 Last updated Thursday 16-09-2021.

The Electronic wallet

It provides the service by transferring funds from an ATM card account to an electronic wallet card (CREDIT - CARD). It is a service that requires agents to facilitate the process of withdrawing and depositing the card.


Payment service through points of sale

Based on the bank’s values, which are based on the customer, the focus of its attention, and Animals Resources Bank is always keen to provide all distinct solutions to facilitate financial transactions. Animals Resources Bank provides a point of sale service to merchants or business owners, and it is an automated system for electronically transferring funds, as it accepts payment for the value of sales from the merchant's customers, using ATM cards.

Wealth app

Through the application, you can perform all of your banking services from buying, balance transfer, payment for electricity, transfer from one card to another, and payment of customs and university fees

SMS Service

Through the text message service from Animals Resources Bank, the customer can track all the movements that take place on the account of withdrawals or deposits.

Linking with Bashaer

 The link has been made with Bashayer Fuel Company, which allows our customers to pay bills for Bashair cards through any of the bank's branches

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