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Available investment opportunities

The livestock and fisheries sector is considered one of the most important pillars of the national economy, and despite its importance, its contribution to the gross national product is not commensurate with the existing numbers of livestock and water resources available for fishing and the availability of poultry industry inputs as well as production and processing inputs for milk and meat.
The role of the Bank in the future will be magnified by the growing necessity to provide food and animal protein with the global environmental threats and the growing population. This requires the availability of the necessary resources to exploit the country's animal wealth through direct financing of service projects, production and internal and external marketing of the sector's products. Despite the bank's provision of financing resources and technical support for livestock projects, there is a large gap in financing this sector. We find that the percentage of bank financing for livestock is within 2.6% of the total bank financing and about 26.1% of the volume of financing granted to the agricultural sector...While the contribution of livestock to the gross national product is 48.9%, and the gap in bank financing for livestock projects annually is estimated at about 5.790 million Sudanese pounds, and this gap constitutes a heavy burden on the bank in particular and the financing institutions in general in establishing livestock projects. Regional funds to finance livestock projects, modern patterns and farms emerged, the introduction of new technologies, and a relatively high purchasing power towards livestock products ... The bank assures that the investment environment and prospects for financing the livestock sector in Sudan have become attractive and comfortable.

Some of the bank’s projects proposed with a strategy

1/ Establishing a modern slaughterhouse for exporting meat:

* Despite the efforts made to export red meat, the status and classification of Sudanese slaughterhouses is below international standards, which reduces the chances of marketing chilled and frozen meat from Sudan.

* The export of meat creates added value for national exports and maximizes opportunities to benefit from waste by processing and exporting it.

* The bank owns valuable lands for the establishment of this project, located near the largest livestock market in Sudan, and it has all the ingredients for the establishment of this project.

* There is a regional and international market that accommodates Sudanese livestock meat exports if they meet health requirements and international standards.

2 / Establishing livestock fattening farms for export:

* The bank has lands of more than 500 acres that can be allocated for this purpose.


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