Bank vision:

Leadership and comprehensiveness in providing distinguished banking services.

Bank message:

Providing comprehensive, integrated and distinguished banking services to all segments of society using the latest advanced scientific methods, programs and modern technologies with its qualified cadres and companies specialized in the livestock sector, in order to strengthen advanced external relations to enhance the rights of owners and to satisfy customers, customers and workers.

The Bank's Core Values:

- Legality of transactions.
- Outstanding performance.
- Innovation and development.
- Fulfilling the wishes of our customers.
- Confidentiality in commercial and financial transactions.
- Treating clients as partners.
- Providing financial advice to clients.
- Open door policy.
- Raising the bank and maximizing the rights of its shareholders.
- Gaining employee loyalty and increasing their satisfaction.
- Dedication to performance and consolidation of the spirit of belonging to the bank.
- Strengthening the principles of honesty, credibility and transparency.
- Commitment to social responsibility.
- Punctuality.

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