The Almighty said: “Oh, calm soul, return to your Lord, well-pleased and well-pleased, so enter me among My servants.

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General Assembly Meeting Resolutions (23)

قرارات  إجتماع  الجمعية العمومية   الثالثة  و العشرون  والذى اقيم يوم  الاثنين الموافق  2021/09/20م   بالقاعة  الرئيسية  بإتحاد المصارف  .تحميل قرارات الجمعية  2,234 


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The opening of the Port Sudan branch building

On Thursday, 27-05-2021, the city of Port Sudan witnessed the opening of the Animal Resources Bank building. A high-level delegation attended, led by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank, Mr. Al-Sadiq Muhammad

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General Manager Cup

Honorable Mr. El-Yasa Seddik El-Taj, Minister of Youth and Sports in Khartoum State, the conclusion of the first sports session of the football pentathlon, on the Cup of the Director General of the Animal Resources Bank, Asr

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Financial Excellence Award

In a precedent, the first in Sudan, the Animal Resources Bank won the Financial and Banking Excellence Award held in Spain, where the former General Manager, Mr. Awad


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